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  • 21. A Swell Bioswale

    Stop 21 Narrator: After the industrial site was removed, a parking lot was put in and trees were planted by local elementary students. The parking lot was built with a slant to help move rain water (sound of rain) towards a bioswale, a man-made pond of plants which functions similar in design and concept to a rain garden. Again, Pete Field: So the bioswale, which was actually a kind of nice feature, a natural accommodation feature, even though we made it. It lets water stand and naturally infiltrate into the ground at that point. So that bioswale it has that, I guess sponge, it’s literally a delay tactic to get more of the water sponged into the earth and naturally filtered back to the river. Narrator: Another benefit, the plants clean the water before they release it into the river. Sound of paddling Narrator: People love water and it is evident by the site’s popularity. People kayak, fish, walk their dogs and run by this river on a regular basis. On your way back to Ft Clatsop, take your time, observe and appreciate this abundant resource of the Pacific Northwest. It sustains us. We must take care of the land to keep our waters clean. Thanks for listening.