NPS Lewis and Clark
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  • 20. From Industry to a Park

    STOP 20 (Sound of light rain falling.) Narrator: Welcome to Netul Landing. While this place looks quiet, not too long ago, it was the largest sort yard for logging in Clatsop County. Pete Field, a Transportation Planner for the Federal Highway Administration oversaw the transformation of this site for the National Park Service. Pete Field: So basically it looked kind of like a race track and in a sense it was an oval loop, where trucks would come in, go by the river, which is now that bulk head by the bus loop and essentially unload into the river, where they would make the log rafts and then continue back out to the woods to get more logs. Narrator: A hundred trucks per day dumped logs into the river and men in small boats sorted the logs and readied them for tug boats to tow out to ship yards on the Columbia River. From there, they were shipped out throughout the world.