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  • 15. Scupper in the Garden

    Stop 15 Narrator: That odd wooden trough in the middle of the garden is not a water slide for squirrels, but a scupper, which delivers the rain water from the roof of the visitor center to the garden. When constructing a home or a building, Rob Emanual says it’s cheaper to create a rain garden than laying expensive drainage pipes. Most rain gardens are designed to fit in urban settings next to city streets or in front yards with small plants. However, this rain garden mirrors the surrounding forests. Rob Emanuel: One of the important pieces of our landscape up here are nurse logs, and lots and lots of native forest plants that are growing in this rain garden. And the nurse logs are really showing what a native forest would look like up here, which is typically full of downed wood, and the downed wood is covered with moss. It’s also very absorptive of water and a lot of plants will grow on it as in a, sort of a nursery.